Did you know that children footwear

lasts only 6 months?

800 million children dispose 1.6 billion footwears to the landfill yearly!

RYME is a sustainable children footwear company, looking to shift consumer behavior for a better world.

Our adjustable footwear will reduce the landfill problem by 75%.

We believe recycling is good, but reducing something from going into recycling will produce better result.

Environment Benefit.

One pair of RYME = 3 pairs of normal footwears removed from landfill.

One pair of RYME = 42kg of CO2 reduced from atmosphere.

Economic Benefit.

Buying only 1 instead of 4 means a saving of 75%.

No more “sizing-problems” as our footwear size can be adjusted.

Society Benefit.

Promotes a healthier consumption behavior.

Putting consumption behavior on the right path is the right thing to do.

And we do that by giving the consumer choices that were not there previously.

Our business model is in alignment with U.N. SDG12, Responsible Consumption And Production.

We believe solving problem at upstream will reduce problem at downstream.

Our model will lighten the recycle division, lessen the waste heading to landfill, and reduce the carbon footprint at the same time.

  Contact: hello@rymewear.com

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